Q: What does First Commercial Credit Collections actually do?

A: – Specialize in the collection of delinquent accounts for business and government
– Locate account information and report collections accounts to the proper reporting agencies
– Review accounts for pre legal and legal action when appropriate

Q: How is First Commercial Credit Collections able to provide these services?

A: We have an experienced and well trained staff that understands the psychology of the delinquent customer. We are able to help businesses reestablish relationships with their customers while increasing the payment of past due accounts.

Q: What makes First Commercial Credit Collections so effective?

A: We understand the difference between efficiency and effectiveness. We also stay up to date on current technology and provide our services on an industry specific basis.

Q: Why should I allow First Commercial Credit Collections handle my debt collection management?

A: We provide our customers with secure online access to account payment and remittance information. We are also a member of the national legal network and international professional association. Our company is within all compliance laws for many debt collection governing bodies including, GLBA, HIPPA, FDCPA, AND FCRA.

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